Improve speed, remove bloatware, protect privacy,
eliminate data collection, and so much more.

Windows 10/11 Optimizer is designed to maximize the speed of your operating system (OS). Having a faster OS means you can enjoy what you love without the lag or freezes. Whether it be browsing the internet, watching videos, or even playing games, Windows 10 Optimizer helps you achieve the maximum performance your PC has to offer.

Windows 10 Optimizer does so by scanning for all possible optimizations in 8 different categories and 340 settings with just one click of a button. Once the optimization completes, most people experience a much snappier PC, longer battery life (laptops), and improved privacy protection.

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  • REMOVE ADS/BLOATWARE: Improve your focus by getting rid of nagging promotional ads and apps running inside your Windows 10 PC. Get back to things that matter most without the distraction of these useless flashy ads and apps.
  • WINDOWS 10 TURBO-CHARGED: Experience Windows 10 like never before. Boost your Windows 10 performance for faster startup, games, internet browsing, videos, etc. Also, reduce lag and freezes.
  • ELIMINATE PERSONAL DATA COLLECTION: According to the Media, Windows 10 collects personal data about you. It takes an hour or two of tedious work for average consumers to opt-out of every data collection service; however, With Windows 10 Optimizer, it only takes a click of a button.
  • COMPLETELY SAFE AND REVERTIBLE: Any changes Windows 10 Optimizer makes is completely revertible. Don’t like something it did? No problem! Just click “Revert”, and your PC is back to the way it was.


Get rid of all Windows 10 Bloatware

A lot of bloatware ads and applications come installed with Windows 10. Some of them you can't even uninstall. But don't worry, Windows 10 Optimizer will get rid of all the bloatware ads and apps in one click.

Turbo-Charge your computer

Boost the performance of your PC by disabling data collection, bloatware apps, and unneeded background services. The more available resources your PC has, the more you can enjoy a lag-free experience.

1-Click Disable

If you’re following articles on speeding up or securing your PC, be prepared to follow 2 – 3 hours of confusing tedious work. With Windows 10 Optimizer, we do it all for you in 1-click.

Prevent data collection

Don't get tracked! By default, Windows 10 collects all sorts of data about you. It's a very time-consuming process to opt-out of each data collection service one by one; however, Windows 10 Optimizer does it all for you in one-click.

Turn off one drive

One drive is enabled by default, and whether you're actually using it or not, it's running in the background. There is no quick "turn it off now" button, so we decided to include one. Don't want one drive? No problem; get rid of it in 1-click.

Bunch of other Utilities

Windows 10 Optimizer comes packed with a whole bunch of utilities to make Windows 10 work the way you want it to. You no longer have to feel the restriction of Windows 10 settings.

Completely Safe and Reversible

Changed your mind? Need to re-enable some settings? Don't worry, doing so is just as easy. We know exactly what we modify, so we can just as easily UN-modify those settings.

Disable Cortana

Some people are not very fond of our new friend Cortana; sometimes, she seems more annoying than helpful. However, turning her off completely is a lot trickier than it sounds. With our tools, you'll just need to click a button to shut her off.


(Included with System Utilities)

Why is my Windows 10/11 slowing down?

There are three main reasons why your Windows 10 is performing much slower than you would expect.

First, a fresh new Windows 10 already comes with many unnecessary background services and bloatware apps. These are continually running in the background, using up your CPU resources and RAM (computer memory). This makes your daily tasks, such as browsing the web, running programs, watching videos, or even playing games, slower. It also increases the time it takes for your PC to startup.

Second, the more program that you install, the slower your PC becomes. This is because, during power-on, most installed programs tend to automatically start and run in the background, even when those programs are not currently being used.

Third, the longer you use your PC, the more junk files and clutters are created on your hard disk. These junk files are created through internet surfing, other third-party programs, or even through Windows 10 itself. This is completely fine, but occasionally those junk files aren't properly cleaned (they are known as junk or leftover files). The more junk files your computer has to manage, the slower it tends to perform.

Manually fixing all these problems one by one could take an insane amount of time for the average users. However, Windows 10 Optimizer is designed to handle all these problems automatically. With just one click of a button, it will optimize Windows 10 settings, turn off unnecessary background service, stop unneeded programs from automatically running in the background, and clean your PC from junk files.

Customer Results (Before & After)

Windows 10 Optimizer put 84 unneeded services and apps to sleep.

Tested on several PCs and Laptops running Windows 10.
(Lower is better.)
* Your results may vary.

(Included with System Utilities)

System Requirements

Windows 10 Optimizer is very resource-friendly. It can be run even on the slowest/oldest PC.

It is compatible with: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, or Server 2012+ (32/64 Bits)

Program Details

Version: 7.5 | Release Date: June 12, 2022

Downloads: Installer (.exe) | Portable (.zip)

(Included with System Utilities)