Don't let your Windows 10 slow you down

Windows 10 is a great operating system with many features, but it doesn't run anywhere near full performance by default. There are many settings and adjustments that can be made not only to dramatically improve performance, but also protect your privacy, eliminate data collection, enhance laptop battery life, and increase security. That's why we've built Windows 10 Optimizer.

Windows 10 Optimizer scans for all possible optimizations in 8 different categories and 126 settings with just one click of a button. Once the optimization completes, most people experiences a much snappier PC, longer battery life (laptop), and improved privacy protection.

Pegasun Software
  • Eliminate your personal data being collected: According to the Media, Windows 10 collects a lot of data about you. It takes an hour or two for average consumers to opt-out of every data collection. With Windows 10 Optimizer, it takes about a click of a button.
  • Very safe to use: There are other tools out there that attempt to optimize and disable Windows 10 data collection as well, however, they are way too intrusive. They often cause system errors due to accidental blocking and deletion of important Windows files. Unlike those tools, Windows 10 Optimizer only adjust settings which have been thoroughly tested to be safe.
  • Completely revertible: Unlike most other optimization tools, which are un-reversible once activated, Windows 10 Optimizer provides two different approaches to revert the changes (in case you didn't like it). The program itself can undo any changes it made, or you can use System Restore as well.

1-Click Disable

If you're looking for articles on how to secure your privacy for Windows 10, most of their tutorials are simple enough, but it'll take an average of one to two hours. With Windows 10 Optimizer, just select what you'd like to turn-off and click "optimize". That's it.

Disable Cortana

Some people are not very fond of our new friend Cortana; occasionally, she seems more annoying than helpful. However, turning her off completely is a lot more tricky than it sounds. With our tools, you'll just need to click a button to completely shut her off.

Turn off one drive

One drive is enabled by default, and whether your actually using it or not, it's running in the background. There is not a quick "turn it off now" button; so we decided to include one in our tools. Don't want one drive? No problem; now it's easy to get rid of.

Get rid of all Windows 10 Bloatware

A lot of bloatware applications come with Windows 10. Some of them you can't even uninstall. But don't worry, Windows 10 Optimizer will get rid of all the bloatware apps in just one click.

Bunch of other Utilities

Windows 10 takes away some of the freedom you had in Windows 7. For example, what if you didn't want your computer to be updated and restarted automatically every 3 days? Windows 10 won't let you turn off that feature, but our Windows 10 Optimizer will.

Speeds up computer

Another benefit is a faster PC. How does securing your privacy make your computer faster? Once we stop the background services from collecting and sending your data, your computer will have more resources to spare.

Completely Reversible

Changed your mind? Need to re-enable some settings? Don't worry, doing so is just as easy. We know exactly what we modify, so we can just as easily UN-modify those settings.

Disable data collection

If you chose "express settings", you essentially allowed windows to collect all sorts of data. It's very time consuming to turn them off one by one. Windows 10 Optimizer does it in one click.