Clean your PC and protect your privacy

Your hard drive space should belong to you, not junk files. With Pegasun PC Cleaner, you can get rid of all PC clutters in one-click. This means you’ll have your space for back for about 3000 HD pictures or 10 HD movies.

PC Cleaner works by deep scanning over 6000 locations and 2200 unique third-party apps to clean junk, leftover, useless, and temporary files. PC Cleaner also cleans things like online search history, tracking cookies, and many other types of files that risk your privacy from being exposed. It uses 9 different types of advanced scanning/cleaning algorithms to make sure every bit of your PC is as clean as possible.

PC Cleaner also significantly speeds up the performance of your PC by slimming it. An average consumer saves an average of 43 GB hard disk space with PC Cleaner. But don't take our word for it, try and see for yourself. PC Cleaner is a 100% free product with absolutely no hidden ads or spyware.

Pegasun Software
  • The multiple 5-star rated PC cleaner that outperforms the rest. You won't find a PC Cleaner that cleans more than ours.
  • Thoroughly cleans and optimizes your computer by removing all the junk and useless files left behind by third-party applications, browsers, system crashes, and so much more!
  • Makes your PC start/boot up much quicker and smoother due to having a clean hard drive.
  • Stops advertisers from tracking you and secures your privacy by getting rid of spyware-like files, such as tracking cookies.
  • Stabilizes your PC by cleaning up troublesome files that may cause errors or freeze up your PC.
  • Highly customizable settings allow you to choose precisely what you want to be cleaned and what you don't.


Sparkly Clean

Cleans just about everything; from browsers and systems to over 2200 different Third-party applications. This is a PC Cleaner that you'll actually notice a difference in PC performance.

Privacy Protector

Secures your PC from online privacy threat/leak and helps stop spying by cleaning all your sensitive information such as tracking cookies, online activities, visited pages, and Internet history.

Countless 5-star reviews

Just look at the reviews, Media all over the internet demonstrates how our PC Cleaner can clean more than any others out there. We stand behind this claim, 100%.

Deep Cleaning

Scans deep inside your PC to find every single junk, useless, or error files such as invalid shortcuts, duplicate files, old logs file, empty files/folder, unwanted large files, and much more.

Advanced Mode Cleaning

Comes with built-in advanced mode for more experienced users. Displays a huge list of additional paths advanced users can clean. The great news? This list is updated regularly for more cleaning.

Extremely Fast

The scanning and cleaning speed is much faster than any other PC Cleaners out there. Don't take our word for it, try it out yourself!

No install? No problem!

We offer both the installer and portable version. Portable version lets you run the program without even installing it. You could also take it with you and load it anywhere, like on a USB Drive.

Absolutely FREE!

Pegasun PC Cleaner is and always will be 100% Free. We were sick of ineffective PC Cleaners, that's why we've created ours. If you like it, we only ask that you share it with your friends and family.


(Included with System Utilities)

Do PC Cleaners actually work?

There are many PC Cleaners out there today. However, the simple truth is not many of them work well. PC Cleaners today have a terrible reputation for doing more harm than good. Unfortunately, this is usually the case. Most of them were created by companies hoping to make a quick profit, rather than building a quality product. Why? It's very easy to confuse consumers into thinking that cleaning your PC would make it run 300% faster. Most of these PC Cleaners would either clean too little to make a difference or clean too much (including important system files) to cause system errors.

However, A well-built cleaner that can clean substantial amounts of files safely does wonders for your system. Having less temporary/junk files comes with many benefits, such as reduced tracking/privacy-exposing files, additional free disk space, a lower amount of files to load, less CPU usage, and faster hard drives. All of these would mean that your computer would have to work less and have a cooler CPU/System (less heat generated means better life of PC and components).

We kept all that in mind when developing our PC Cleaner. We've made sure that not only does it perform effectively, but completely safe as well. We've run several lab experiments with various other PC Cleaners, and we've made sure ours comes out at the top every test. This can be confirmed in our reviews section and across the media (if you Google us). Our PC Cleaner is also completely free and comes with System Utilities (a trusted product designed to significantly speed up, clean, maintain, secure, and increase the battery life of your PC).

Customer Results (Before & After)

PC Cleaner Cleaned 43 GB of Disk Space on First Scan.

Tested on 256 - 512 GB SSD Drives from various PCs and Laptops running Windows 10.
(Higher is better.)
* Your results may vary.

(Included with System Utilities)

System Requirements

PC Cleaner is very resource-friendly. It can be run even on the slowest/oldest PC.

It is compatible with: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, or Server 2012+ (32/64 Bits)

Program Details

Version: 7.8 | Release Date: December 18, 2022

Downloads: Installer (.exe) | Portable (.zip)

(Included with System Utilities)

"PC Cleaner is unusual in that it actually freed up more space than CCleaner on our test system. And that's before we ran its Deep Cleaner"