Clean your PC and protect your privacy

Whether you are running out of disk space or not, your computer has a lot of temporary/junk files that are slowing it down, risking your privacy, and using up all your valuable space. With this program, you won't need to worry about any of that.

Pegasun Software
  • The Highly reviewed PC cleaner that outperforms the rest. You won't find a PC Cleaner that cleans more than ours.
  • Thoroughly cleans and optimizes your computer by removing all the junk files left behind by third party applications, browsers, system crashes, and much more!
  • Allows your PC to start/boot up quicker and smoother due to having less files to load.
  • Stops advertisers from tracking you and secures your privacy by getting rid of spyware-like files, such as tracking cookies.
  • Highly customizable settings lets you choose exactly what you want cleaned and what you don't want cleaned.
  • Stabilize your PC by reducing the amount of files it needs to deal with, thus reducing freezing and other related errors.

Sparkly Clean

Cleans just about everything; from browsers and system to over 2200 different Third-party applications. This is actually a PC Cleaner that you'll notice a difference in performance.

Privacy Protector

Secures your PC from online privacy threat/leak and helps stop spying by cleaning all your sensitive information such as tracking cookies, online activities, visited pages, and Internet history.

Highly Rated

Just look at the reviews, Media all over the internet demonstrates how our PC Cleaner is able to clean more than any others out here. We stand behind this claim 100%.

Deep Cleaning

Scan deep inside your PC to find every single junk/problematic files such as: invalid shortcuts, duplicate files, empty files, and unwanted big files.

Advanced Mode Cleaning

Built-in advanced mode for advanced users. Loads and displays a huge list of additional paths advanced users are able to clean. The great news? This list is updated regularly.

Extremely Fast

The scanning and cleaning speed is much faster than any other PC Cleaners out there. Don't take our word for it, try it out yourself!

No install? No problem!

We offer both the installer and portable version. Portable version lets you run the program without even installing it. You could also take it with you and load it anywhere, like on a USB Drive.

Absolutely FREE!

Pegasun PC Cleaner is and always will be 100% Free. If you really like it, we only ask that you spread the word.

Do PC Cleaners actually work?

Nowadays, there are many of PC Cleaners out there. However, the short and simple truth is that not many of them work well. PC Cleaners nowadays have a bad reputation for doing more harm than good. Sadly, this usually is the case. Most of them were created by companies hoping to make a quick profit, rather than building a quality product. Why? It’s very easy to confuse consumer into thinking that cleaning your PC would make it run 300% times faster. Majority of these PC Cleaners would either clean too little to have any difference, or clean too much (inlcuding important system files) causing system stabilization errors.

However, there are still a few PC Cleaners built by reputable companies that truly do work well (whether it be free or paid). A cleaner that’s able to clean substianial amounts safely does wonders for your system. Less temporary/junk files has many benefits: your sensitive/privacy files being securely erased (such as tracking cookies), additional free disk space, lower amount of files to load, less cpu usage, faster hard drives, and more. All of these would mean your computer has to work less and have a cooler CPU/System (less heat generated = better lifespan of PC components).

We kept all those in mind when designing our PC Cleaner. We made sure that not only does it perform efficiently, but that it’s completely safe as well. We ran several lab tests with multiple different PC Cleaners and made sure that ours came out on top in each and every test. This can be verified in our reviews section and all over the media (if you google us). Many people asked us, "What makes your PC Cleaner the best?" The simple answer is that it cleans a lot more than other cleaners do, safely and effectively. Our PC Cleaner is also completely free and comes bundled with System utilities (A trusted free product designed to significantly speed up, secure, and stabilize your PC).

"PC Cleaner is unusual in that it actually freed up more space than CCleaner on our test system. And that’s before we ran its Deep Cleaner"