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Pegasun System Utilities

What's included?

Windows 10 Optimizer

Dramatically boost the performance of your Windows 10 and eliminate data collection. Improve PC speed, safeguard your privacy, eliminate data collection, enhance laptop battery life, and much more. Learn More: What is Windows 10 Optimizer?

Turbo Mode

Don't you hate it when you're doing something enjoyable on your PC (like watching HD movies or playing games), and all of a sudden, it starts to lag, freeze, or slowdown? What about when you can barely get any work done because your PC is just so darn slow? If so, Turbo Mode is for you! Turbo Mode dramatically speeds up your PC by temporarily suspending all the unnecessary background activities slowing down your PC. Your PC's performance will be maximized, CPU stress will be reduced, and additional resources will be freed up, so you can continue to enjoy the things you want most.

Spyware Defender

There is a countless number of threats over the internet. Just by doing something simple like surfing the web, you already risk PC Infection, Advertisement/Spam, Personal information theft, etc. Imagine how frustrating it would be to have your brand new PC become unstable within a day just because you browsed the internet without security. That is why you need Spyware Defender.

Spyware Defender is a powerful program that secures your PC and prevents unwanted threats such as Spyware, Trojans, Dialers, and Cookies from infection your PC. With Spyware Defender, you'll be able to surf the web, safe and securely. It is even able to run safely alongside any other security programs you have in your system.

The best part is that it does not even need to run in the background, so unlike other Anti-Spywares, which slow down your PC and cause unnecessary stress on your CPU, Spyware Defender does not. Spyware Defender makes it possible to achieve security without sacrificing performance.

Registry Cleaner

The more you use your PC, the dirtier it gets due to all the junk files, temporary files, and cache build-up. Which is why you would use a PC Cleaner to clean it up, right? But what about the registry? It gets dirty, messy, error-prone, and even corrupted due to using, updating, and installing new programs. It may be causing your PC to slow down, freeze, show errors, or even stop working, which is why you need Registry Cleaner.

Pegasun Registry Cleaner will locate and repair problems in the Windows Registry, such as invalid entries, unused items, missing referenced application paths, and many more. Your registry will be optimized, cleaned up, error-free. If your Windows Registry becomes faster, so will your PC.

This does not mean you should be using any registry cleaner you find because most registry cleaner actually does MORE harm than good. Pegasun Registry Cleaner ONLY scans and cleans items that are considered safe for removal, so your PC is never harmed. Your registry is also backed up before removal for extra security.

Browser Optimizer

Web browsers (like Google Chrome) are the most used applications in almost every PC. Nowadays, you not only use it to surf the web but also for other things such as Social Media, Games, Web Applications, etc. So wouldn't it make sense to have them run more efficiently? Browser Optimizer helps all the major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox load much faster, run more efficiently, and increase page loads' speed. It does so by handling the memory usage of the browsers. The memory consumption of browsers will be significantly reduced, resulting in faster performance.

Browser Optimizer Preview

Ram Cleaner

Did you know, the more RAM (Memory) you have, the faster your PC can perform? Also, did you know, the longer your PC stays on, the more RAM is being used up? So what's stopping you from cleaning it?

Pegasun Ram Cleaner can free up unused RAM, prevent crashes, and increase your PC performance in one click. This ensures you can run your favorite applications or games at optimal performance. Unlike other RAM Cleaners, we use the native Windows API to do the cleaning, so it's incredibly stable and effective. Now you no longer have to restart your PC every time it starts to slow down.

Tune UP (Free)

Most PCs nowadays are running on un-optimized settings (even the brand new ones). This reduces the performance of most PCs. Pegasun Tune UP scans your PC for system settings that are not optimized or secure and repairs them with only a click of a button. Your PC will boot-up faster, perform more efficiently, and be more secure. Best of all, it's free. What're you waiting for? Give it a go!