Speed up Windows 10/11 PC for MAX performance | Top 2024 Secrets

April 22, 2024

This comprehensive guide, based on expert advice from Paul at Pegasun, will transform your slow Windows PC into a performance powerhouse. Get ready to experience a revitalized computer with improved speed and responsiveness!

Part 1: Reclaim Your Privacy and Boost Performance (2:04)

Windows and many third-party apps come with default settings that allow them to collect your data. This constant data collection not only raises privacy concerns but also consumes system resources, impacting your PC's performance.

Here's how to take back control and enhance privacy and speed:

  1. Settings > Privacy: Uncheck every option here to stop Windows from collecting your data.
  2. Diagnostics & Feedback: Select "Required only" and disable all other data collection settings to limit the information shared with Microsoft.
  3. Activity History: Turn off activity history tracking to prevent Windows from storing your activity logs.
  4. Location: Disable location access to keep your whereabouts private and prevent unnecessary background processes.
  5. Background Apps: Many apps run in the background even when you're not actively using them. Disable these apps to free up valuable system resources.

Part 2: Introducing Your Optimization Partner - Pegasun System Utilities (4:00)

Optimizing your PC manually can be time-consuming and complex. We'll use the free Pegasun System Utilities software to streamline the process and save you hours of effort.

  1. Visit pegasun.com and download the software. You can choose either the installer or the portable version, depending on your preference.
  2. Run the installer and follow the simple instructions.
  3. Safety First: Create a system restore point during installation. This allows you to revert your PC to its previous state if any issues arise.

Part 3: Declutter and Reclaim Storage Space (7:05)

Over time, your PC accumulates junk files and temporary data that take up valuable storage space. This clutter can slow down your system, especially if you have a limited-capacity SSD.

Let's clean up and free up space for a more efficient PC:

  1. Open Pegasun System Utilities and click on Clean Your PC.
  2. Select Windows Disk Cleanup to utilize the built-in tool, and let Pegasun's cleaner run alongside it for a more comprehensive cleaning.
  3. For browser-specific cleanup, use the individual cleaning tools provided by each browser (e.g., Chrome's "Clear browsing data" option).

Part 4: Eliminate Startup Lag and Boot Faster (9:30)

Many programs automatically add themselves to the startup process, causing your PC to take longer to boot up. By managing your startup programs, you can significantly reduce boot time and get to work faster.

Here's how to take control of your startup programs:

  1. Click on Boost PC Startup in Pegasun System Utilities to view a list of programs that launch when you turn on your PC.
  2. Identify programs you don't need immediately upon startup and disable them by unchecking the box and clicking "Apply."
  3. For programs you want to run automatically but prefer not to slow down your boot time, right-click and select "Delay this item." This will allow them to start after a specified delay, ensuring a faster boot.

Part 5: Taming the Background Processes - Optimize Windows Services (12:25)

Windows services are essentially small programs that constantly run in the background, performing various system functions. While some services are essential, many are unnecessary and consume system resources, impacting performance.

Optimizing Windows services is key to unlocking your PC's potential:

  1. Click on Optimize PC in Pegasun System Utilities.
  2. Choose the Maximum setting and click Optimize to automatically disable unnecessary services and free up system resources.
  3. For more granular control, review the list of services and disable specific ones manually based on your needs and preferences.

Part 6: Fine-Tuning for Efficiency - Tune Up Your PC (14:10)

Pegasun System Utilities provides a convenient way to optimize various system settings for improved performance.

  1. Navigate to Toolbox > Tune Up Computer within the software.
  2. Click Optimize to automatically adjust system settings to recommended values, enhancing overall efficiency.

Part 7: Ensuring Stability and Performance - Scan and Repair Your PC (14:27)

Over time, your PC may accumulate errors or corrupted files that can lead to instability and performance issues.

Let's scan and repair your system for optimal functionality:

  1. Click on Scan and Repair This PC in Pegasun System Utilities.
  2. Hit Yes to initiate the scan and repair process. This may take some time, but it's essential for maintaining a healthy system.

Part 8: Simplified Maintenance for a Consistently Fast PC - 1-Click Maintenance (15:17)

To ensure your PC maintains its newfound speed and responsiveness, regular maintenance is crucial. Pegasun System Utilities simplifies this process with its 1-Click Maintenance feature.

Here's how to keep your PC running smoothly:

  1. Go to the Health tab in Pegasun System Utilities.
  2. Click on One-Click Maintenance to access a comprehensive set of optimization tools.
  3. Select Analyze and Optimize to run all the essential optimizations we've covered in one go, ensuring your PC remains clutter-free and efficient.
  4. Make it a habit to run 1-Click Maintenance every 2-3 months to prevent performance degradation over time.

Part 9: Unlock Advanced Optimization with Premium Features - Windows Optimizer (18:23)

While the free version of Pegasun System Utilities offers a powerful set of tools, the premium version unlocks additional features for even greater control and optimization potential.

Here's a glimpse into the premium capabilities:

  • Bloatware Removal: Rid your PC of unwanted pre-installed applications and promotional software that consume resources and clutter your system.
  • Visual Performance Enhancement: Optimize visual settings and effects to achieve a smoother, more responsive user experience, especially beneficial for systems with less powerful graphics cards.
  • Customization Options: Tailor the optimization process to your specific needs and preferences, allowing you to fine-tune various settings for optimal performance.

Part 10: Unleash Maximum Power for Demanding Tasks - Turbo Mode (21:42)

For resource-intensive activities like gaming, video editing, or 4K video playback, Turbo Mode can provide a significant performance boost.

Activate Turbo Mode when you need that extra edge:

  1. Click on the Turbo tab in Pegasun System Utilities.
  2. Configure the settings as needed, choosing which processes and services to temporarily disable for maximum performance gains.
  3. Remember, Turbo Mode is best used for short bursts of demanding activity, as it disables certain background services that may be important for regular use.

Reboot and Revel in the Speed!

With these optimizations implemented, restart your PC and experience the transformation! You should notice a significant improvement in boot time, responsiveness, and overall performance. Remember, it may take a few restarts for your system to fully adapt to the new settings.

Congratulations! You've successfully revitalized your Windows PC and unlocked its full potential. Enjoy the smooth, efficient, and speedy computing experience!

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