Speed up Windows 10 PC for MAXIMUM performance (Hidden secrets)

In this video guide, I’ll be showing you how to speed up your Windows 10 PC for maximum performance for FREE. I’ll cover almost EVERY SINGLE thing you can do to really speed up your pc. I’ll also explain HOW and WHY it will speed it up. If you follow all the tips, you’ll be amazed at how much faster your PC runs.

There are so many useless “speed up pc” articles out there that barely provide any helpful information. You spend hours following their tutorial and your PC isn’t any faster than before. That’s because most of those articles don’t cover things that actually make a big difference; things such as Windows Services, background apps, bloatware, etc.

That’s why I’ve made this article different. I’ll be cutting out all the fluff and going straight to things that’ll maximize the speed of your PC. After you follow the tutorial, you’ll notice everything on your PC running faster, including video games. Lastly, this tutorial will also significantly increase the lifespan of your PC.


2:12 – Part 1-1: Clean PC
This will clean up your PC by getting rid of junk, and temporary, cache files. Many people told me they were able to clean up and regain over 10Gb worth of hard disk space.

  • Go to "Start Menu" and type "Disk Cleaner"
  • Right Click on "Disk Cleaner" and choose "Run as administrator"
  • Select everything (except downloads) and click "Clean"

3:54 – Part 1-2: Improve Startup
Many programs try to start as soon as Windows loads. This slows down the boot time quite a bit. So, let’s disable programs you don’t need from automatically starting up with Windows.

  • Open a "Task Manager" and navigate to "startup tab"
  • Disable all programs that you do not need.

6:20 – Part 1-3: Disable Animations
Animations look nice and fancy; however, if you have a slow GPU, they can make your PC feel slower. You can disable them to make it feel snappier.

  • Go to "Start Menu" and type "This PC"
  • Right Click on "This PC" and click on "Properties".
  • Scroll down and click on "Advanced System Settings"
  • Follow these settings for optimal performance AND visual.

8:36 – Part 1-4: Disable Spying/Privacy Leak
Articles from all over the internet claim Windows collect a lot of data about you and the way you use your PC. This will get rid of much of the data collection.

  • Open "Settings" and choose "Privacy Settings"
  • Disable everything in that screen.

11:07 – Part 2: Biggest Performance Gain?
The biggest performance gains come from optimizing "Windows Services". Think of them as background programs that are ALWAYS running. By default, there are over 160 of these services running in the background. Many of them are not needed. When you disable them, it frees up your PC resources.

13:14 – Part 2-1: Download Free Program

16:30 – Part 2-2: Optimize Windows Services
This will maximize your Windows Services performance. It will disable all un-needed services and keep the ones that are being used.

  • Click on "Toolbox" -> "Service Manager"
  • Click on "Maximum" -> "Optimize" -> and "Apply"

18:26 – Part 2-3: Optimize and Delay Startup
Delaying startup is another technique to speed up your Windows. Basically, instead of disabling programs from starting up with Windows, you’ll be delaying their startup. So, not all of them are starting up at the same time.

  • Click on "Toolbox" -> "Startup Manager"
  • Click "Scan" and disable programs from starting up as needed.

20:34 – Part 2-4: 1-Click Maintenance
This will do bunch of things like Tune up, Clean RAM, etc. in one click of a button. Using 1-Click maintenance, your future PC maintenance and repairs can be done under a minute.

  • Click on "Health" -> "1-Click Maintenance" -> Analyze & Optimize"
  • Do this once a month for a really healthy PC.

23:34 – Part 3-1: Windows 10 Optimizer (Debloat)
This will completely debloat and optimize your Windows. It’ll get rid of bloatware, disable data collection, and perform over 50 different optimizations to REALLY speed up your PC.

  • Click on "Toolbox" -> "Windows 10 Privacy Protect"
  • Click on "Optimize" -> Select all your desired settings -> Click "Optimize" button

26:00 – Part 3-2: Turbo Mode (Max performance)
This will turn on Turbo Mode. Turbo Mode is basically when you want every bit of speed your PC can offer. It’s great when you’re playing games, watching 4k movies, or doing something resource intensive.

  • On System Utilities, click on "Turbo"
  • Click "Configure" and follow the on-screen prompt to configure turbo mode.
  • Once the configuration has been completed, click "Turn On" to enable Turbo Mode.

System Utilities (FREE + Portable): https://pegasun.com/system-utilities

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