Who we are

Founded in 2017, Pegasun provides consumers with diversified types of software and apps. Pegasun started its journey after acquiring Synei (an award winning Software Company designed to speed up/secure your computer) in 2017.

Pegasun is a fast growing company that is not only dedicated to PC maintenance applications, but are thinking outside the box to brainstorm many other solutions yet to come, such as mobile (Android/iOS) and SAAS/Web apps.

What we do

At Pegasun, we started off with a PC Maintenance software that is designed to speed up, clean, and secure your PC. However, as we grow, we are actively developing new type of solutions in variety of different platforms that solves everyday problem consumers’ face.

Our Team

At Pegasun, we are dedicated to providing you with outstanding overall service by creating high quality products, maintaining our products, regularly performing updates, and releasing news/products information. Our key members have collaborated to make our products and company as universal as possible and to our consumers' liking.

Our development team consists of only the highest quality programmers and are all Microsoft Certified. We take great care in making sure that our team members are working efficiently to create software/Apps that are safe and effective. We intensely beta test all our products to make sure they are bug free. Our customer service center takes their customers seriously and professionally. Basically, at Pegasun, our primary goal is to make sure that we are solving your problems.

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